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     We would like to welcome you to our site and  invite you to browse our website, and check us out.

     Our club started in 1982 and still going strong today. We have four meetings each year and newsletters for all to enjoy.

     We also hold an all age pigeon and dove show each November. This year our show will be held on November 5th. Our show is always on the second weekend after the National Young Bird Show. This will also be a sanction American Dove Association Show.

      Our show will be held at the Wilson County Fairgrounds in Lebanon Tennessee. This is at Interstate 40 & exit 239B. The fairground is about a half mile from the exit. There is also plenty of shopping, food, and motels in the area.

2005 Agenda

Pam McCloud will host a meeting in May.

Summer Young Bird Lawn Show at Charlie Brown's in August

Louisville Young Bird Show is October 21 & 22

Lebanon, TN Show November 5


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